2017 Awards of Excellence Winners

I. Public Education Awards: 

Adults-Memphis City Beautiful
In early 2013, litter and blight were constants in the news in Memphis, so Memphis City Beautiful (MCB) made it their priority to address these issues. The Faith in Action Memphis Cleanup (FIA) was created and developed to serve as a platform to engage and educate citizens on the need to clean up and address blight in communities citywide. They determined that Memphis had a church on practically every street corner and that most Memphians were people of faith. The faith-based community is huge in Memphis so why not rally them to improve the city by empowering them to clean up and beautify their very own communities?  Rally they did… Memphis City Beautiful engaged 17,398 volunteers in Faith in Action Memphis Cleanup in 2015!

Government-Wayne County Solid Waste
Wayne County Solid Waste, Recycling, and Litter Grant Program began a tarp give-away event to educate and provide the public with materials to help educate the public about unsecured loads. Not only did they gain 100% support and participation with our event and enforcement of law TCA 39-14-507 or secured load law, they educated all the groups. The local law officers were aware of the TCA 39-14-5 or litter law, but not the TCA 39-14-507 or secured load law. The support of our judicial system and law enforcement officers to enforce this law is vital. In conjunction with the litter grant and Wayne County Farmer’s Co-op, they were able to supply the 6x8 foot tarps and the man power for the event, which was hosted at The Wayne County Solid Waste and Recycling Facility.

Media-Keep Sevier Beautiful
Sevier County is the most visited area in East Tennessee and our community thrives and depends upon the tourism industry. It is vital for the County to have an active and visible organization that can focus on preserving the natural beauty of our community and landscape. Keep Sevier Beautiful recognizes the need to create a strong, focused medial plan to raise brand awareness and communicate KSB’s message. Through the increased media education, KSB could rally volunteers; gain momentum with community based projects and increase partnerships. KSB calls for media education in four sectors; print, broadcast, digital and social media. They have done this by utilizing each sector.

Schools (Grades K-8)-Keep Blount Beautiful
Keep Blount Beautiful puts a strong focus on the education of the youth in Blount County, as they are the future of the area. Each year, as part of our Blount County Great American Cleanup, KBB hold an annual water education day for local third-graders. Exhibits include interactive information about local watersheds, stormwater pollution, aquatic life found in the waters of the Tennessee Valley, and human water use. On September 30, 2016 KBB hosted their 5th Annual WaterFest. WaterFest is a festival offered free to Blount County third-grade students that focuses on environmental and water quality education and outdoor activities. Each year, two schools are invited out to KBB EcoCenter and Park located at DENSO Manufacturing in Maryville, Tennessee. The EcoCenter is an innovative learning facility located on a three-acre wetland area on the DENSO campus. KBB built the property in order to provide an interactive learning experience for local students. The land is also a refuge where native plants, grasses, trees, small wildlife and a variety of birds and insects can flourish. WaterFest was first held at the facility in 2012.

Schools (Grades 9-12)-Cleveland High School Environmental Awareness Association
The Cleveland High School Environmental Awareness Association is a student-led environmental service club at a public high school in Tennessee. EEA has empowered youth to make a difference in their school and community through recycling, energy savings, stream clean-up and presentations to elementary school students. EEA has successfully created a culture of sustainability in the school and community. Over the past five years, volunteers have removed 102 tires, multiple shopping carts, construction debris, mattresses etc., from the stream. The goal is to clean from the headwaters all the way to the mouth of the Hiwassee River. The community has embraced the stream clean-ups. Even students who have graduated, routinely report to help with the clean-up events.

II Public Participation Awards: 

Great American Cleanup (Most Improved Program)-Memphis City Beautiful
In October 2013, Memphis City Beautiful conducted their first Faith in Action Memphis Cleanup, and in one weekend 99 organizations and 3,727 volunteers completed 110 projects throughout the city. But that was only the beginning…in April 2014 they followed up with another three day event tied to the Keep America Beautiful Great American Cleanup. This time we went for the gusto by setting what we considered an ambitious goal of 10,000 volunteers! However, it was no surprise to us, when we exceeded all goals with 12,276 volunteers and 309 projects. FIA sparked momentum and made great impact especially on the faith-based community. They wanted more and another opportunity to demonstrate that their organization was willing to make a difference. That’s just what we wanted! Even corporations, like Kroger and Buckman Labs, got charged up about it. So, in April 2015 we orchestrated a spring event once again tied to the Great American Cleanup and this time scheduled for one week to allow for even more participation. They wanted a large, record-breaking event so they sought out more people from a wide variety of faith-based organizations, created opportunities for individual participation, and of course, recruited corporate and neighborhood groups, schools, universities, youth organizations, etc. As a result, MCB engaged 17,398 volunteers in Faith in Action Memphis Cleanup in 2015!

Great American Cleanup (Most Innovative Event)- Keep Blount Beautiful
In order to garner more participation from younger kids and college students, KBB created a litter event geared toward younger generations. In 2016, the DASH for TRASH was created. DASH for TRASH was KBB answer to combining both fun and a litter pickup. The DASH for TRASH is a family friendly litter FUN-run. Participants race to pick up the most litter in an hour. This event not only focuses on improving our own health, but also the health of the community. Runners will go out for an hour of walking or running and pick up litter along the way. KBB provides suggested routes in the area that are in need of a little TLC. KBB host the event at a local business or community area in order to promote businesses and organizations in Blount County. When the runners return from the hour long pick up, they are presented with free raffle tickets for participating and additional tickets based on the amount of litter they collected. The tickets are used to enter into prizes they wish to win. The prizes are all donated by local business and restaurants such as gift certificates or free items. Blount County was in need of an easy volunteer event that promoted keeping our neighborhoods clean while enjoying some quality time with family, friends, and the community. DASH for TRASH provided an easy yet fun way for younger generations to get out and help the community more often.

Great American Cleanup (Most Comprehensive)- Keep Sevier Beautiful
Keep Sevier Beautiful rallies our community to participate in the Great American Cleanup from March to May by creating diverse projects appealing to a wide demographic of interests, needs and people. In both 2015 and 2016, KSB offered volunteer opportunities and education activities every week throughout the GAC. Sevier County is the gateway to the nation’s most visited national park with estimated range of 12 to 14 million guests every year visiting. Tourism thrives due to the natural, breathtaking beauty of our area. KSB serves to protect that beauty the visitors and residents come to see. Our mission, “Keep Sevier Beautiful motivates and educates Sevier County residents and guests to take greater responsibility for improving our community’s environment through recycling, litter prevention, waste reduction, and beautification projects.  GAC offers a platform to rally our residents to get involved and make a difference in our community. KSB partners with several organizations to create a larger, more involved approach to conquer all that we do during GAC. KSB would not be able to effectively reach all the residents and guest that we do with our messages and outreach without all our partnerships. This lead to an impact of 2015 Cost Benefit Ratio of $1.14 and Litter Index of 2.0, and in 2016 Cost Benefit Ratio of $1.46 and Litter Index of 1.9.

America Recycles Day of TN Award- Keep Blount Beautiful
On November 12, 2016, Keep Blount Beautiful hosted their 2016 America Recycles Day in Downtown Maryville. KBB partners with local organizations and businesses to collect hard to recycle items and items that can be donated. First Baptist Church Maryville, a local church, allows KBB to turn their parking lot into a drive-thru recycling center for ARD. Residents drive their car into to the parking lot where KBB and volunteers unloaded their car for them. Items were distributed to the correct organization/business collection bin. As the resident exits, they are provided a goodie-bag with information on KBB and recycling in Blount County. Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries (KARM) provided pallets to collect gently worn shoes and clothing. The Lions Clubs provided a bin to collect reading and eye glasses to be given to those who cannot afford them. The License Plate Man collected old license plates which are turned into art pieces. The Blount County Fire Department collected coats and jackets for their “Coats for the Community” program, which provides free coats and jackets to those in need. My Frugal Home, a local crafter, collected used candles to be turned into fire-starter kits for campers. Spectra Recycling collected batteries, light bulbs, electronics, printer ink, secure documents for shredding, and cardboard for residents. Lastly, each year KBB chooses a fellow community non-profit to collect items to donate to their cause. KBB collected plastic grocery bags, pillow cases, towels, and small cardboard boxes for the Blount County Animal Shelter. These items are used to help care for the animals. The four-hour event drew in over 120 cars. A total of 18 volunteers helped KBB pull off this successful and important event for Blount County. Listed below, are the number or poundage of each item collected during the 2016 ARD in Blount County. The event resulted in diverting 9,315.28 pounds of material from the landfill.

Adopt-A-Highway Awards, Small Group-Jim and Diane Loy of Dekalb County
Jim and Diane Loy have been active Adopt A Highway volunteers since 2001. They have picked up over 1700 bags of litter and have volunteered over 3000 hours in DeKalb County. In 2001 on their initial pickup on Highway 56 from Hurricane Bridge north two miles to their home, they spent two days picking up litter and collected 71 bags of trash. In 2002, they adopted League Chapel Cemetery. They spent two weeks hauling away trash and trimming trees. They created a pathway and sitting area, built a sign for the cemetery and made wooden crosses and planted roses for each grave site. In 2007, they adopted the scenic Center Hill overlook on Highway 56. They cleaned, repaired and painted the support structure for the scenic overlook sign. They designed and mounted a new sign and landscaped around it with timbers and rocks. They planted flowers and cleared the area of weeds and litter. In September 2015, the Loys were presented with the “Extra Miler” Award by the Smithville-DeKalb County Chamber of Commerce for their exceptional service to the community. Jim and Diane Loy are truly “Friends of Tennessee”, the name they gave as their organization when they signed up to be Adopt a Highway volunteers.

Adopt-A-Highway Awards, Large Group- Morristown East High School
Morristown Hamblen East High School Student Council maintains State Route 34 MM 9.07 to 11.03. This is a heavily traveled area, which result a large amount of litter being tossed out. This group of volunteers chose the state route by their school, so that they can show school pride by keeping it litter free. This group of volunteers had been participating for at least 3 years without being an official volunteer group with TDOT Adopt-A-Highway. They were unaware of the TDOT program and took it upon themselves to have the litter pickup events. During that time they had 4-5 litter pickups each school year. They did not receive recognition from TDOT for their hard work during this time. We were able to work with the Student Council Advisor Cathy McClellan and make them official Adopt-A-Highway group this year. Our TDOT advisors gave a presentation to the group about the statistics of how the impact of litter and how their efforts was improving their community and how much we appreciated them. Morristown Hamblen East High School Student Council is a positive role model for other students and citizens to see how much pride that they take in keeping their state route clean.

Lakes, Rivers & Streams Litter Free Award*- Norris Project: Middle East TN Tourism Council
The Norris Project evolved from a series of facilitated public workshops held in 2011 and attended by various stakeholders concerned about stewardship of the water and surrounding land of the Norris Lake Watershed. The Stakeholders represented individuals, organizations, agencies, and businesses in the five counties (Anderson, Campbell, Claiborne, Grainger, and Union) in which the lake is located. During the workshops, three groups emerged: 1.Regulations- charged with seeking out existing regulations that exist by law, 2. Enforcement- charged with assessing which laws are being enforced by who, 3. Education- charged with developing public information to educate lake users. In 2011, a small group of the volunteers met to arrange the first five County Lake Clean up by enlarging a one county effort that had been ongoing since 2009. This small group consisted of the Chair of the Education group- Anderson County Tourism, the Chair of the Regulations group- Union County Chamber of Commerce, a committee member of Enforcement- Campbell County Sheriff’s Department, and three other members of the education committee- two boy scout leaders and the Big Ridge State Park ranger, as well as Tennessee Valley Authority Outreach, who helped with the facilitation of the stakeholder workshops. This first multi-site clean-up was very successful attracting over 100 volunteers and removal of 8 tons of litter from the lake shorelines. This annual event continued in 2012 and in 2013. A second annual event, Norris Lake Island Invasion, was added to coincide with public lands day in the fall. Small grants, in kind donations, and business assistance have been successfully leveraged in each successive year to keep the project going.

Keep Putnam County Beautiful Clean Commission
This past year we held our first annual Windowcliff State Natural area waterway cleanup. Windowcliff became our most recent state natural area in April, so in anticipation of the grand opening, the ranger contacted us to arrange for volunteers to help clean up the stream and surrounding park. Keep Putnam County Beautiful Clean Commission applied for a waterway grant through TWRA and received $500 to assist in the cleanup. We recruited 60 volunteers worked for four hours. We collected tires and garbage from Falling Waters River which runs through this park and Cane Creek which is upstream. Keep Putnam County Beautiful Clean Commission provided the volunteers with litter supplies, vests, bags, grabbers and gloves to remove litter from the waterway. Friends of Burgess Falls and Friends of Windowcliffs State Natural provided water and snacks for the volunteers. Two volunteer teams carried landscape timbers for trail building and bags of concrete. The other teams removed 30 bags of garbage and four tires from the waterway. The biggest problem was carrying the bags up from the waterway and out of the park. The work day lasted four hours and by the time it ended, everyone was very tired and pleased with the progress that was made. With 60 volunteers working four hours, it saved the state a total of $5,536.80 for this one cleanup.

III Leadership Awards: 

Edith Heller Lifetime Achievement Award- Tom Leonard, Sevier Solid Waste 
In 1999, Tom Leonard and his family moved from Greeneville, TN to Sevierville, TN to become the General Manager of Sevier Solid Waste Inc. In his new role, it was his responsibility to operate the composting plant and cardboard recycling in a community of 93,570 people that sees 12 million visitors annually. Throughout the years, Tom has expanded the recycling throughout Sevier County with his goal to become a zero waste facility. He has created recycling drop off collection locations, carpet recycling (significant due to the amount of hotels that are torn down and upgraded in Sevier County on a continual basis), and most recently been awarded a grant to pull recyclables out of the waste stream to collect 100% of the recyclables discarded in our waste. While in Greeneville, Tom sat on the Board of Directors for Keep Greene Beautiful for three years. Shortly after his move to Sevier County, Tom’s vision to create a Keep TN Beautiful affiliate in Sevier County was realized as he was able to consolidate and reduce operating expenses of Sevier Solid Waste (owned by the three cities and County) to fund the new affiliate – Keep Sevier Beautiful. In 2002, through Tom’s hard work and determination, Keep Sevier Beautiful (KSB) became an affiliate with a strong Board of Directors whom he recruited. Since 2002, Tom has been an engaged active member of the organization and has sat on the Board of Directors every year. He’s been on the Executive Committee for 12 of the 15 years. In addition to inspiring the community to support KSB, he has donated countless hours over the years participating in all the events. Through Tom’s leadership and dedication, KSB has grown to a multi-award winning local and national affiliate with a lasting impact on Sevier County. He has spearheaded innovative programs throughout the years such as junk car removal; litter-free construction zones; and the newest program – Project Restore.

Larry E. Potter Law Enforcement Award- Glennis Monday, Campbell County Environmental Officer
As the Campbell County Environmental Officer, Glennis Monday has long exemplified a commitment to litter prevention and awareness that others could only describe as pure passion. Glennis is a lifelong native of Campbell County and has always been dedicated to protecting the East Tennessee Mountains that he calls home. Long before he became our county’s Environmental Officer, Glennis worked in the coal industry and could often be seen walking along the roads in his community picking up litter during his free time. He hated seeing trash littering the beautiful mountains and waterways in the county and wished that he could do something to solve the issue. When the position for Environmental Officer became available, General Tom Stiner, then County Mayor and a revered war veteran in Campbell County, recommended Glennis for the job due to the strong environmental leadership example he had set with litter cleanup in his own community. Coming from a family of law enforcement officers, Glennis was familiar with the impact law enforcement could have in a community and felt that this was his opportunity to finally make a difference with the litter problem in the county.

Martin L. Kennedy Award for Outstanding Litter Grant Administrator-Jackie Selby, Fentress County Solid Waste
Jackie Selby is the Litter Grant Administrator for Fentress County Solid Waste. He handles this positions responsibilities nearly single handily, steadily increasing litter pickup numbers and motivating others to get involved in the county annually. Selby has been creative in his job, making psas as well as t-shirts to inspire the community to get involved by thinking outside of the box. He’s also utilized activity books to teach kids about litter prevention, and lead tarp days in the community to get drivers to cover their loads. Selby goes above and beyond to keep Fentress County clean.

Martin L. Kennedy Award for Outstanding Keep America Beautiful Affiliate Coordinator-Sandy Moore, Keep McMinn Beautiful
Sandy came out of retirement three years ago to take over a floundering organization that had little public recognition and was heavily in debt. After hearing about the need for a director and wanting to give back to her local community, Sandy joined Keep McMinn Beautiful in 2014. Sandy’s first goal was to get the organization back into good standing with Keep America Beautiful which she accomplished in her first year. The second goal was to build up the board of directors and to get the organization involved in the community. This was accomplished by meeting with the local government officials in each of the five communities, laying out her goals for Keep McMinn Beautiful and asking for their assistance. The third goal was to make the organization financially sound through securing memberships and several fund raising events.  (There is now thirty-five thousand in reserve.) One obstacle in the community was the perception that Keep McMinn Beautiful was an Athens only organization not a county organization. She tackled this problem by meeting with the local leaders sharing her goals for KMB. She tirelessly organized litter pick-ups in each community, provided programs to civic clubs, organized the building of a KMB float to participate in the local Christmas Parades and participating in local festivals. Sandy also spearheaded the formation of the Solid Waste Advisory Committee for McMinn County (SWAC). This committee was comprised of Public Works officials, the office of the County Mayor, town and city managers and landfill managers to address the needs of the community and develop stronger working relationships. She has brought new life to our organization by introducing such innovative events as the Trash Bash – a competitive industrial litter pickup challenge held in the fall, the Christmas Float and litter pickups in three parades, participation in local festivals and the Keep McMinn Beautiful Tennessee Wetlands Festival. Though she is only paid for twenty hours a week, she gives two to three times that amount in her personal time, she leads by example and always looking for a way to improve our community. 

IV TDOT County Litter Grant Program Awards:
Class I Award- Keep Chester County Beautiful
Keep Chester County Beautiful (KCCB) has a recycling and litter prevention program in Chester County to teach students about the importance of keeping our county clean. Each year the coordinator and her assistant visit certain schools from Kindergarten through sixth grade to give a presentation, hand out educational materials, play a recycling game, meet the recycle robot, and let the children meet Chester the Recycling Chipmunk. The students learn about the West Tennessee Regional Recycling Hub, what to recycle, recycling pick up in their communities, and litter prevention on road ways. The coordinator brings an enclosed trailer and the students walk through the trailer to look at several types of recycling bins, baled recycling after its processed, and what their recyclable items are reused for. Students also compete at various times throughout the year in our poster board competition and in December we have a recycled ornament contest. We provide small desk recycling bins and 96-gallon bins to teachers for recycling in the schools and Freed-Hardamen University. On Tuesdays cans, bottles, cardboard, and paper are picked up from our seven schools and college. Last year our recycling center processed and baled over 50 tons of recyclable material from the college and schools. Each year the Recycling Coordinator purchases a billboard from Lamar to advertise recycling and litter prevention in Chester County. Over 18,000 people see the billboard and residents from other counties driving through also see the sign. Post cards listed with the recycling center addresses, phone numbers, and items that can be recycled are mailed out to get residents to participate in recycling. The coordinator also sets up booths at Relay for Life every year to advertise recycling and litter prevention to the 18,000 residents in Chester County. KCCB also partnered with a local grocery store to pass out 500 free reusable shopping bags to their customers with the goal of promoting conservation. KCCB partnered with the Chamber of Commerce this year to offer a $500.00 sustainability scholarship to the youth leader ship class. Our litter crew collected over 100 tons of trash and recycling in 2015-2016 in Chester County. The litter crew has a trailer and truck with seven trustees that cleanup 292 square miles in Chester County every year. The TDOT Litter Grant provides the litter crew with gloves, vests, grabbers, and garbage bags to clean up Chester County roadways. KCCB held four Great American Cleanups in 2015, and four clean ups in 2016. These clean ups help keep Chester County’s road ways litter free.

Class II Award- Marshall County Solid Waste
Marshall County Solid Waste runs the road beautification and litter education for Marshall County which is partially funded by the TDOT Litter Grant Program. Marshall County employs a litter supervisor who carries out one inmate five days per week to pick up roadside litter and to assist with public event set up. Event set up includes placing recycling racks and trash cans at the Chapel Hill Tractor Pull, area horse shows and all Marshall County area high school varsity sporting events. It is because of the work of the litter supervisor that Marshall County has recycled over five tons from public events and has collected over one ton from roadside cleanup efforts. Marshall County is fortunate in that there is a great working relationship between the Solid Waste Department and the local schools. The schools have allowed the litter education program to be presented to all kindergarten through sixth grade student in the past year and it is a partnership that will continue for the future. In the past year Marshall County’s litter education coordinator read Keep Tennessee Beautiful’s book “Nancy and Sluggo Love Tennessee” to nearly 3,000 students throughout the county. Along with the educational story they also receive interactive instruction which taught them what is recyclable and what goes into the trash. It is the belief of Marshall County that if people know where their waste goes they are less likely to leave it on the ground. There were also several adult education opportunities throughout the past year. The litter grant funded presentations to the Lion’s club in Lewisburg, Leadership Marshall, Young Leadership Marshall, and the Family Consumer Science Club of Lewisburg. These organizations heard the impact on the environment that comes from choosing to litter and not recycling.

Class III Award- Keep Sevier Beautiful
The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) litter grant program in Sevier County funded the Sheriff’s Department to organize litter pickups in addition to Keep Sevier Beautiful (KSB) for education in the student, public, media and government sectors. Sevier County is the gateway to the most visited National Park in the Nation with over 14 million visitors creating tourism as our main industry. KSB is the only non-profit focused on protecting that beauty within Sevier County through litter prevention, waste reduction, recycling and beautification. KSB partners with numerous organizations to leverage our TDOT funding to educate all sectors of Sevier County. KSB would not be able to effectively reach all the residents and guests we currently do with our litter prevention message without our various partnerships. A list of some of our major partnerships is attached in the supplemental information. The impact of the TDOT litter grant can be seen through the benefits of this funding to support educational programs in all sectors and to help meet our community need. The impact of the litter grant can be seen along the beautiful scenic highways in Sevier County. Through working with many partnerships, KSB has provided many unique ways to work to keep our roadways and riverways beautiful for the 14 million visitors and additional 94,000 residents. As the tourism industry grows within our County, so does the need for our organization.

Class IV Award- Scenic Cities Beautiful (Chattanooga)
Scenic Cities Beautiful [Keep America Beautiful affiliate], and Courts Community Services [manages offenders who are offered alternative sentencing doing litter pickup in lieu of incarceration], the Hamilton County TDOT Litter Grant contractors, have dedicated volunteers and hardworking litter crews keeping our busy community looking good. According to standards set by Keep America Beautiful, roadsides are ranked on a scale of 1 to 4 [1 representing no litter, to 4 being extremely littered] Hamilton County scored under littered to average with a Litter Index of 1.92 for 2015 and 2.00 in 2016.

V Keep America Beautiful - TN Affiliate Awards: 

Population 40,000 & Under- Keep Bristol Beautiful
Keep Bristol Beautiful (KBB), a program developed by the Bristol Chamber of Commerce in 1983, promotes “green” initiatives and sustainability and also meets the environmental needs of the Bristol community through beautification ventures, cleanups, education and recycling events. KBB works to protect and preserve natural resources by promoting environmental conservation and recycling efforts, as well as, educating the public on the importance of maintaining and protecting a clean and litter free environment.  KBB encourages the community to protect and maintain a beautiful and clean Bristol. Through partnerships with Solid Waste, the cities of Bristol, VA and Bristol TN, and the school systems we have significantly increased our recycling efforts.  We have removed more than 15 tons of litter from our community over the past year.  With community awareness about the affects of littering and the importance of recycling, we have made great strides toward creating a healthier, cleaner, more sustainable community in which to live, work and play.  

Population 60,000 & Under- Keep Kingsport Beautiful
For 37 years, Keep Kingsport Beautiful has continued to build on the program’s mission, to involve the community in responsible solutions for a clean and beautiful environment, with enthusiastic participation by volunteers and sponsors. With the energy and dedication demonstrated by these individuals and businesses, KKB events have produced remarkable results and numbers. Each year KKB provides more than 60 projects, programs and events for our community, providing volunteers of all ages and/or socio-economic groups opportunities to participate. Keep Kingsport Beautiful partners with, supports and/or promotes other groups, businesses and civic organizations in coordinating and conducting cleanups, litter-free public events, beautification projects, recycling and litter prevention education and environmental education programs. KKB was founded in 1980 by the Kingsport Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Kingsport. Through this unity, each organization provides their resources for the betterment of the community and environment. KKB has created original environmental projects and events, such as Trashbusters, Trash Barrel Paint-In and Conservation Camp that have been replicated across the nation.

Population 100,000 & Under- Keep Sevier Beautiful
Keep Sevier Beautiful (KSB) believes in motivating and educating Sevier County residents and guests to take greater responsibility for our environment. KSB protects the natural beauty of our county and improves the quality of life through community based events and education. Sevier County is the gateway to the nation’s most visited national park with estimated range of 12 to 14 million guests every year visiting. Tourism thrives due to the natural, breathtaking beauty of our area. KSB serves to protect that beauty the visitors and residents come to see. Our mission, “Keep Sevier Beautiful motivates and educates Sevier County residents and guests to take greater responsibility for improving our community’s environment through recycling, litter prevention, waste reduction, and beautification projects. KSB mission encourages our volunteers and partners to go above and beyond to make a difference. The projects KSB completes helps to improve the quality of life through community gardens that help feed the hungry; cleaning up blighted properties that give pride to neighborhoods; and keeping our roadways and river ways litter free showcasing to tourists and residents we protect the beauty of our county.

Population 100,001 & Above- Keep Knoxville Beautiful
Keep Knoxville Beautiful (KKB) was founded in 1978 to help “clean up” prior to the 1982 World’s Fair. Their mission is to promote litter eradication, recycling, and beautification efforts in Knox County communities using education, events, and volunteer engagement. They foster a cleaner, greener, and more beautiful Knoxville to improve citizens’ quality of life and positively impact property values, economic development, corporate recruitment, and tourism. While the KKB Mission has historically relied heavily on simple cleanups and outreach, innovative programs implemented in the last couple years have expanded activities and increased engagement.

*Two Winners