Submission Guidelines


Nomination and narrative must be submitted online or by mail by July 15, 2017.

How to apply

  • Submit a nomination form (1 per entry) by using the online form or by mail to Awards of Excellence, Keep Tennessee Beautiful, 976 West Park Loop, Suite 113, Memphis, TN 38152. 
  • Submit the narrative of questions required for the category you are applying to by email to Keep Tennessee Beautiful at info [at] keeptnbeautiful [dot] org or by mail to Awards of Excellence, Keep Tennessee Beautiful, 976 West Park Loop, Suite 113, Memphis, TN 38152. Minimum 11 point font.
  • Mail or e-mail any optional supplemental material (No more than five pages)
  • Check all submission guidelines as listed below.

Applicants must be a Tennessee resident, organization, business, or government. Applicants may apply for more than one award in diferent categories if eligible. A sponsoring organization may submit separate components of their work into multiple categories. Program work must have been completed in Tennessee during 2015 and 2016. You may submit documentation for a one year or two year program/project.


Winners will be selected by an independent panel of judges from the public, private, and government sectors. Judges have the right not to award in all categories or to split decisions for an award. Judging points will be given to each of the narrative’s questions. Finalists will have their supporting materials reviewed by a final judging panel.

Narrative Guidelines for Categories I, II, IV and V

In no more than two pages please address the following four topics in describing your program or activity:

  1. Description. Describe your project in the area of litter prevention, community improvement, beautification, solid waste management, recycling, TN waterways cleanup, and/or environmental education. Include the number of participants/volunteers, hours donated, and/or other statistical information related to the award category. Litter Grant Program applications should include collections, public education work, and results. Keep America Beautiful afliates should include programs focused on litter prevention, beautification & community greening, recycling, and waste minimization. 
  2. Community Need. Why is the program/activity important to the community? What needs did the program/project address? Did your program exceed the normal standards, i.e. more than four cleanups for Adopt-A-Highway groups? 
  3. Resources. What were the funding and/or in-kind donation sources? Did you leverage these for additional resources? Did you form partnerships with other organizations, groups, individuals, agencies, etc. to accomplish your project? If so, who? 
  4. Impact. What were the results and the community benefits? Please be specific and provide percentage increases when available. Keep America Beautiful afliates must include Litter Index and Cost/Benefit results. Great American Cleanup™ applicants should show improvement rates and unique partnerships for community action.

Narrative Guidelines for Category III Lifetime Achievement Award

Written Summary of no more than four pages to include:

  1. A profile of the applicant including statistics that may be applicable to the award category, such as how he/she became involved, background, qualifications, etc. (5 points)
  2. The project(s) or program(s), including leadership eforts required to accomplish the project and impact on the community. Describe unique and/or creative ways the applicant went above and beyond the call of duty. (40 points)
  3. Description of the project(s) in each area of solid waste, litter prevention, community greening, and/or recycling. Include number of participants/volunteers, hours donated and/or other statistical information related to the category. (40 points)
  4. Describe support of KTnB’s mission “to educate and engage Tennesseans to take responsibility for improving their community environment.” (5 points)
  5. Also describe the accomplishments: years, hours of service, activities, focus, and involvement in both Keep Tennessee Beautiful and Keep America Beautiful activities at the national, state, or local level. This award is not limited to a two year period, but is a lifetime achievement award. (10 points)

Supplemental Materials to be provided for Lifetime Achievement Award:

These will be used to substantiate the responses in your written summary. They cannot exceed five pages (both front and back). Include items such as newspaper articles, photographs (must include captions), awards, and printed brochures. Also submit at least two pictures that best portray the nominee. This will be used for the AOE Awards Event.

Narrative Guidelines for Categories III Larry E. Potter Law Enforcement Award

In no more than four pages please address the following four topics in describing your program or activity:

  1. Background. Provide a profile of the individual including their history of sustained engagement with a TN KAB affiliate, if applicable, or other community organization(s). Include the individual’s law enforcement position (Law Enforcement Officer or Criminal Investigator; Environmental/Code Compliance Officer or Inspector; Prosecutor/Attorney; or Judge).
  2. Community Achievements. Describe how, through their involvement, the quality of life in the community has been enhanced. Provide specific examples that may include metrics, property transformation, and/or has behavior changed and/or been sustained e.g. areas are staying cleaner. Describe actions that support the KTnB mission for “Tennesseans to take responsibility for improving the community environment."
  3. Leadership. Describe leadership efforts, innovative projects or programs the individual has developed, what was required to accomplish the project/program, such as partnership or collaborations established and best practices developed, and the long term impact on the community. Please share a summary of accomplishments and any other information about the applicant showing the commitment to litter prevention, illegal dumping and/or graffiti prevention, beautification, waste reduction and recycling. Include professional recognition i.e. membership in related organizations, certifications or other environmental recognition, training participation.  
  4. Summation. Provide 2-3 sentences summarizing the nominated individual’s achievements and leadership and explaining how their efforts have made their community a cleaner, greener, more beautiful place to live.

Narrative Guidelines for Category III Outstanding Educational and Community Leadership

In no more than two pages please address the following four topics in nominating the organization or individual:

  1. Describe why the organization or individual is an “environmental hero.” What leadership qualities are exhibited that inspire others to participate to make their communities better? 
  2. What was the community problem or need that this nominee addressed? Were there obstacles to overcome? What leadership traits were exhibited? 
  3. How did this nominee use his/her time, talent and treasures to better the community?
  4. Staff nominations for the Martin L. Kennedy awards should illustrate how the individual shows leadership and goes beyond his/her job description to involve citizens in environmental improvement.

Supplemental Material Guidelines

In addition to the narrative, applicants may elect to send supporting materials such as photographs, newspaper articles, brochures, letters, CDs/DVDs, etc. Please do not send t-shirts, videos, or bulky items. Supplemental materials may not exceed five pages (you may use front and back). Applications may include letters and/or testimonials.

Two ways to submit your nomination and narrative

Submit nomination and narrative online or you can also mail the nomination and narrative to Awards of Excellence, Keep Tennessee Beautiful, 976 West Park Loop, Suite 113, Memphis, TN 38152. If you have questions, call 1-888-862-5326, or send an email to Keep Tennessee Beautiful at info [at] keeptnbeautiful [dot] org.