Memphis City Beautiful volunteer working in a community garden.

The Greening efforts of Keep Tennessee Beautiful not only make Tennessee a more beautiful place to live, they create stronger, more cohesive communities and real, tangible economic benefits.  

Research shows that trees and vegetation lead directly to higher property values, higher revenue-yielding business districts and infrastructure savings due to reduces soil erosion and storm-water runoff.

Greening efforts also have real health and safety benefits.  Beautification projects bring neighborhoods together; in fact, public housing areas with trees and vegetation have shown a 50% reduction in both violent and property crimes.  

Did you know...

Forests and trees are not only essential to the health and livability of our cities and towns, they're good for our wallets!  Trees planted within 50 feet of a residence can raise property values by 9%.

Greenspaces restore our local economies.  They create stronger, more cohesive communities with real social and economic benefits.