Get Growing - A Keep America Beautiful Initiative


Get Growing provides a national stage for the important role that beautification and greening play in our communities.  Nationally, Get Growing will plant millions of natives, perennials, bulbs and ornamentals, creating beautiful public places across the U.S.  Beautiful public places transcend aesthetic appeal to positively impact the lives of area residents, visitors, business and institutions. 

Keep America Beautiful involves millions of volunteers each year in  its beautification and greening events, planting 170,000 trees annually, maintaining 8,500 gardens and 700 edible gardens.  GetGrowing events  and programs will plant millions of natives,  perennials, bulbs, and ornamentals, creating beautiful public places  across the U.S.

Specifically, the initiative centers on four areas of need: Creating community-supported vegetable/fruit gardens, restoring vacant lots in underserved neighborhoods, increasing the number of trees in public spaces, and bringing natural beauty  to "built environments."