Educate, Engage, and Enforce was theme of 2017 TDOT/KTnB Biennial Conference

October 4th, 2017

Tennessee Department of Transportation and Keep Tennessee Beautiful hosted the 2017 Biennial conference on Tuesday, September 19, at the Nashville Airport Marriott.

The 2017 Biennial conference started with “Behind the Campaign: Nobody Trashes TN” with Shawn Bible, TDOT Beautification Coordinator and Helen Lowman, KAB President & CEO, whom highlighted TDOT’s newest litter prevention campaign “Nobody Trashes Tennessee”, and its purpose to help keep trash off Tennessee roadways.

Missy Marshall, Executive Director of KTnB said, “It is my hope that the local leaders, local affiliates and the law enforcement officers who attended the conference will go back to their communities inspired to educate their local citizens on the importance of not littering, engage their local citizens in beautifying their communities and enforce the law when necessary to discourage citizens from littering, illegally dumping and transporting loads without a cover.”

Marshall added the theme of this year’s 2017 TDOT/KTnB Biennial Conference was to Educate, Engage, Enforce, and that organizations in our state must work together with Tennessee Law Enforcement to do all three in order to keep Tennessee beautiful, as the focal point of this year’s conference was on the TN Litter Law, which was established in 2007.

Kyle Howard, Research and Education Coordinator for KTnB, facilitated a training session on the TN Litter Law during the conference. In this session, Howard provided an overview of the Litter Law and encouraged local law enforcement agencies to help educate the public on why they should not litter.

Also, Cocke County Sheriff, Armando Fontes, presented a session during the 2017 Biennial conference, where ways was discussed on how to engage local law officers when participating in cleanups. He expressed the importance of law officers and community members working together as a team to ensure their town is cleaner and safer for residents.

In addition to the “Engage Your Local Law Enforcement” session, there was an Illegal dumping abatement panel, which included Shannon Reese, Executive Director of Keep Putnam County Beautiful, JD Lane, Beautification Commission Manager of Metro Public Works, and Glennis Monday, Environmental Officer of Campbell County.

The purpose of this session was to educate attendees on different techniques when hosting clean ups in their communities and how to properly dispose of those materials.

Additionally, Williamson County Sheriff Department touched base on safety procedures when coming across products relating to meth labs while cleaning Tennessee Roadways. Sergeant Amy Cole, Investigators Brad Fann and John Pierce informed conference attendees to be aware of illegal dumping and to use safety procedures when participating in community cleanups.  This session demonstrated what to look for and how to handle products that were dumped on roadways from mobile meth labs.

To end the conference, Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security Commissioner, David W. Purkey served as the keynote speaker for the TDOT/KTnB Awards of Excellence Luncheon Ceremony.

The 2017 TDOT/KTnB Awards of Excellence was divided into a total of five categories, which are Public Education, Public Participation, Leadership, TDOT County Litter Grant Program and the Keep America Beautiful Tennessee Affiliate awards.

TDOT Commissioner John Schroer, TDOT Beautification Coordinator, Shawn Bible and KAB President & CEO, Helen Lowman presented awards and grant money to the award winners. A total of $43,000 was awarded.

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